Playing live will always be the ultimate rush! There's nothing quite like it. We all know the highs that go with playing live, but maybe some people aren’t all that clued in on the lows that come with a live gig.

With seven years of playing live, I have certainly had my share of Spinal Tap stories. Like the time when I jumped off the stage at a festival (which I was headlining), getting up close to the wild fans in the front row, but realising that getting back on the very high stage was be even more of a mission… This resulted in one huge leap back on the stage that resulted in my wireless falling out and smashing into a thousand pieces!!

The TJ JumpOr the time I did one of my ‘TJ jumps’ while doing the splits, and not realising that the big stage I was playing on was compiled of several smaller stages… the second I landed I felt the stage beneath me part like the f?**ing red sea!! I think the sound guy had to leave the mixing desk to kick the stage back into place!!