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Track Listing :

  1. Every Inch The Rock Star
  2. Love You To Death
  3. Let Me In
  4. Backstreets For Lovers
  5. Open Ride
  6. Everywhere I Look
  7. Six Shot Blues
  8. The Day They Stole The World
  9. Thrill Seeker
  10. If I Could Change
  11. Take It All Away
  12. Rats With Wings


Listening to this debut album feels like diving headfirst into a winning combination of pop-punk and classic 80s rock - which is no bad thing in my book!

Tommy Justice has a stunning seven-year performance history that belies his young age. With his first band Ruff Justice, Tommy established himself as a force to be reckoned with and the anthemic, punk-tinged opening track sets the bar from the off; Tommy Justice really is Every Inch The Rockstar and he's clearly out to dispel the doubters. 

Highlights for me include the slightly sinister Love You To Death - an unholy mix of Beauty & The Beast meets Dracula - and the two haunting ballads, Everywhere I Look and If I Could Change, which are as different as night and day but perfectly convey the raw emotions of their stories. Everywhere in particular has faint echoes of the Poison classic, Every Rose Has Its Thorn - unsurprising given TJ's influences, I suppose.

Another track that has clear echoes from the 80s is Take It All Away; its intro of arcing chords draws flattering comparison with the likes of Europe and Journey, leading the listener to expect a similarly flowing body to the song. Then, unexpectedly, the delicate soundscape shatters into frenetic drums, staccato chords and punk-edged, rapid fire vocals - this is classic, unapologetic, pounding moshpit fodder and I can well imagine it's a highlight of TJ's live sets!

Over all then, a great start to what I fully expect to be a stellar solo career - can't wait to see where else this talented young man goes, both musically and professionally.


- DJ Seren Ddu, Nusakan Radio

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